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Pristine Water Systems Mozzie & Midge Barrier is a high quality, food grade mineral oil application for the control of mosquito & midge larvae within rainwater tanks or similar water holding situations.

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Mozzie & Midge Protective Barrier is a unique Food Grade liquid application for mosquito and midge (larvae/pupa stage) control. Safe, simple, and effective to use. It forms a barrier on top of the water surface, disrupting the mosquito and midge life cycle.

Ideal for rainwater tank situations, this product is food grade, odourless, colourless and tasteless. It does not taint or alter the taste of the water. It will not go rancid as some alternative products do. Over time, the Mozzie & Midge Barrier evaporates.


ALL INGREDIENTS ARE FOOD GRADE formulated from approved ingredients.Does not contain allergens or ingredients that aregenetically modifiedor animal origin, latex, wheat, gluten, sulphites, diary produce or any nut oilor derivatives.


Pristine Water Systems Australia’s Mozzie and Midge Protective Barrier is designed specifically for use in rain water storage tanks to prevent any further mosquito and midge larvae from hatching. This product is easy to use and highly effective at eliminating mosquito and midge breeding grounds, ensuring that your tank remains free of pesky insects.

Our formula is made from natural, safe ingredients that are gentle on the environment. It creates a thin, invisible barrier on the surface of the water that mosquito and midge larvae cannot penetrate, effectively stopping their growth and development.

 Mozzie and Midge Protective Barrier is perfect for use in any rain water storage tank, whether it’s for domestic or commercial use. Simply add the recommended dosage to your tank and let it work its magic. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your tank is free of mosquitoes and midges, and you’ll be able to enjoy your water without any unwanted pests. So, if you want to keep your rain water storage tank free of pesky mosquitoes and midges, our mozzie and midge protective barrier is the perfect solution.

Whilst the application of Mozzie & Midge Barrier surface film results in the eventual death of mosquito & midge larvae, this product is not considered a larvicide, given the substance does not directly alter the organism’s physiology. It merely prevents the larvae from breathing and they die and fall to the bottom of the tank.


  • Non-hazardous: This product does not pose any risk to humans or to the environment.
  • Quality: Mozzie and Midge is of highest quality and meets all industry standards.
  • Food grade: Mozzie and Midge is safe for use in the production of food products and does not contaminate them.
  • Free from toxins: Mozzie and Midge does not contain any toxic or harmful substances.
  • Cost effective: Mozzie and Midget is affordable and is the most cost effective solution to preventing the spread of pesky insects!
  • Colourless, odourless, and tasteless: Mozzie and Midge does not have any distinct colour, smell, or taste, making it suitable for use in a variety of applications especially water tanks.
  • Safe, simple, and effective application: Mozzie and Midge is easy to use and provides reliable results without any negative side effects.


  • Ensure to read product label prior to application.

10ml of Mozzie & Midge Barrier per m2 of tank surface area.

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