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Pristine Water System operators provide a Free (no obligation) assessment of your tank water and supply system. Included in the assessment is:

  • An evaluation of the level of sludge (organic material – leaves, twigs) on the bottom of your tank
  • Water testing for pH, Conductivity, TDS, and Iron
  • Current filtration system; screens and filters.

*Subject to availability, accessibility and location. Contact your local PWS Operator to discuss.

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About Our Service

Pristine Water Systems (PWS) utilises a revolutionary process for cleaning and sanitising stored water supplies: Quadclean™ Quadclean™ is more than just vacuuming sludge from the bottom of your water tank. To truly enjoy pure, healthy drinking water, you need to ensure the water is sanitised, filtered and agitated to give it life! We can service all types of water tank storage systems, above ground and underground:

  • Concrete water tanks
  • Poly water tanks
  • Steel (Metal) water tanks

Why Pristine water systems?

We Clean Water Tanks | Pristine Water Systems | Water Storage Tank Cleaning, Filtration & Treatment

Expert Water Technicians

Pristine Water Systems operators are professionally trained to test your tank water and supply systems for pH; TDS; Iron, Conductivity, and Hardness. With a readily accessible network of laboratories, we can also conduct a 49-point water analysis through NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) for water Correction situations.

Quick Call Response

Although PWS operators are quite often busily cleaning water tanks, with our freecall 1300364858 phone number, you can readily leave a message and the PWS operator in your area will call you back at their earliest convenience. No matter what the emergency, we will be in touch quickly to ensure a solution can be quickly provided.

Service direct to your home!

PWS is an ‘at home service’. We are a completely mobile business, providing our services and treatments on location. Our large network of national suppliers provides us with quick delivery for items that are not on hand, in a timely and easy fashion.

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Remove sludge (organic waste)

Debris (Sludge) from the bottom of the tank, such as leaf, mould, mud and animal carcasses, are vacuumed & pumped out (many Councils and water authorities recommend this be an annual practice).

Water is Filtered

Water is passed through an advanced filtration system to eradicate any remaining foreign particles. This process also oxygenates the water.

Water is Sanitised

Using AqueousPro™, our sanitising product (approved under the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines as potable water treatment), which is added to control any harmful bacteria that may exist. It works by releasing millions of oxygen atoms into the water, which destroys bacteria, fungus and viruses but also removes unsavoury tastes and nasty odours.

Water Tested

Water tests are carried out to determine the pH level and conductivity. Results are recorded for future reference with a detailed report given to the tank owner on completion.

QuadClean™ | Pristine Water Systems | Water Storage Tank Cleaning, Filtration & Treatment


Our Water Tank Cleaning Services

Minimal Water Loss

Your Water Tank doesn’t need to be empty!

We can clean your water tank whilst it has water, and with minimal water loss.

No Chlorine

We don’t use harmful chemicals!

Chlorine used to sanitise water tanks can create chemical by-products called Trihalomethanes (THMs): a group of four chemicals including chloroform, bromodichloromethane, dibromochloromethane, and bromoform. They result from the reaction of chlorine with organic matter (sludge build-up, leaves, twigs, animal carcasses) present in the water being treated.

Destroy Living Bacteria!

Sanitise and control bacteria with AqueousPro™

AqueousPro™ is a unique water purifying product that controls bacteria & viruses, approved under the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG), as a potable water treatment.

Make your water come Alive!

Oxygenation helps rejuvenate your water

Using our mobile pump/filter units, once your water is cleaned and sanitised, it is brought back to life through Oxygenation as the filtered water recycles back into your water tank. AqueousPro™ produces additional oxygen into the water, with the agitation from filtering helping the water come alive!

Water Testing

Ensuring your water meets our high standards!

Once we have completed the water tank clean, sanitisation and oxygenation of your water, we test to ensure pH, TDS and conductivity levels meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG).



Pristine Water Systems has been operating since 2003. We offer only the best quality products and service to ensure you are getting the best quality drinking water for you and your family.

Product Warranties

All products supplied by Pristine Water Systems come with their own warranties, and meet Australian guidelines: AS/NZS 3497 (Lic: 23124)


We stand behind the quality of our Water Tank Cleaning processes. QuadClean™  is a unique service incorporated only by Pristine Water Systems.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is very important, our services, quality products and parts are backed by our guarantee and warranty policy.



Happy Customers

We are very happy with Steve and Pristine Water Systems (Noosa/Cooroy). He/they have provided us with excellent service, always on time, and have always given us a very competitive price for cleaning/vacuuming our water tank – and did a sterling job of cleaning. We would highly recommend Steve and PWS.

Colleen S
Noosa, QLD

Without reservation we recommend the team at Pristine Water Systems to deal with cleaning water tanks and the supply of water filtration systems. We had a high content of tannin in our water which was swiftly removed by them. I now have less housework to do!!!

Jeanine K
Tamborine Mountain, QLD

Before the treatment I was continually cleaning the hand basins, bath and toilets because of the residue left behind and having a bath in the water was not pleasant. Now, it’s a delight. We also purchased the double water filter system and have been very happy with that as well.

Jodie A
Bonogin, QLD

Since 2003


  • Professional Water Tank cleaning, Sanitisation & Filtration
  • Whole of house filtration systems and UV Sterilization units
  • UV replacement parts including lamps, quartz and ballasts.
  • Countertop and under sink filter systems
  • Water Filter / Cartridge replacement
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems and replacement filters
  • Water coolers & chillers
  • Boat, caravan, mobile home filtration systems
  • Shower / Bath Filters
  • Bore/spear/acidic water correction: Water Softeners, Calcite Filters.
  • Domestic and Commercial applications

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