Pristine Water Systems Hunter Valley

  • We Clean Water Tanks

  • Water Filter Supply & Service

  • Water Quality Testing & Analysis

Pristine Water Systems Hunter Valley

  • We Clean Water Tanks

  • Water Filter Supply & Service

  • Water Quality Testing & Analysis

Healthy, quality water supply from your water tanks to your taps!

Pristine Water Systems Hunter Valley are specialists in water management systems. From water testing, professional water tank cleaning and sanitisation services, through to water filtration systems to solving your water problems.

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Paul Philpott

Glen Gillingham

Franchisee Owner

Since 1999, Glen has been the CEO of several healthcare organisations throughout Australia. Ensuring that people live in health and well being so that they can enjoy their life. For more than 25 years, Glen has dedicated his career to helping others remain safe, healthy, well and disease free.

Glen says “During my time as a health care executive, I have seen the results of what happens to people when they do not look after themselves and how this leads to unnecessary disease, pain and suffering. Most diseases can be attributed to Lifestyle and Environmental factors which are under our direct influence. A major contributor to our health is the quality of the food and water that we consume on a daily basis.”

Hippocrates, who lived from 460BC to 365BC, and is considered to be the Father of modern Western medicine, is quoted to have said “Let food be thy medicine”. Water is an essential part of our daily food intake.

As father to eight children, I understand the importance of good health, good food and quality, healthy drinking water. I live on acreage, with no town water supply, and so we collect our water from the rain and store it in rainwater tanks. Because of my healthcare background, I instinctively understood what Hippocrates was saying when it came to the quality of our drinking water. Unhealthy drinking water means an unhealthy, sick family.

I have seen first hand what a lack of quality, healthy drinking water does to the human body. So I went looking for a solution, for people like me who do not have town water supply connected to their homes. I was searching for a pristine water solution and I found what I consider to be the best in Pristine Water Systems.

Health and wellbeing is so important to me and to my family. My journey in the healthcare industry continues still by offering to every person, the Pristine Water that their body deserves.


Products & Services

Pristine Water Systems has solutions for all your water supply needs. If you have smelly or dirty water in our rainwater tanks, broken filter screens, require replacement filters or ultraviolet sterilisation systems, our team of experienced water technicians will be able to assist.

Water Tank Cleaning | Pristine Water Systems | Water Storage Tank Cleaning, Filtration & Treatment


Pristine Water Systems utilises our revolutionary process for cleaning and sanitising your rainwater tanks. Quadclean™ is our proprietary process of ensuring the water in your water storage tanks is clean of sediment and dirt, and that it is sanitised with AqueousPro™ to ensure your drinking water is free of bacteria and viruses.

Water Tank Cleaning | Pristine Water Systems | Water Storage Tank Cleaning, Filtration & Treatment


Pristine Water Systems can help you choose the right filtration system for your needs, and can service and maintain your existing filtration system. Our Protect-UV™ range of filtration and ultraviolet units are married up with the right filters to ensure you have minimal loss of water pressure, and to ensure you have clean, healthy water coming through to your taps.

Water Tank Cleaning | Pristine Water Systems | Water Storage Tank Cleaning, Filtration & Treatment


Pristine Water Systems are the specialists in water management systems. Our team of highly experienced water technicians can help provide the right solution for your problems. We can provide a full range of water testing, from in-field analysis through to laboratory testing. With the right information, we can provide you with the right solutions!

Bacteria festers in your water tanks and turns your water nasty!
When did you last have your water tank cleaned?

Contact your local Pristine Water Systems water technician today for a FREE tank water inspection.


Adelaide City Pristine Water Systems

The Hunter Valley Team is Here To Help

We have designed a filtration system that gives you confidence that your family has access to clean and safe drinking water all year round. 

Free Onsite Inspection

If you’re wondering what might be lurking at the bottom of your drinking water tank, give the team at Pristine Water Systems Hunter Valley a call. We’ll offer you a no obligation water tank inspection and diagnose of any harmful substances that may be found.

Our team adhere to the community safety guidelines when visiting customers ensuring everyone’s safe in our community. Ask about out water testing service today.

Country Tanks
Filtration Systems | Sunshine Coast | Pristine Water Systems

Filtration Systems

One system that cleans water of sediment and destroys 99.9% of harmful micro-organisms leaving pristine safe drinking water for you and your family.

With our filtration system in place your family will be healthier. This system dramatically reduces your exposure to parasites, bacteria and viruses that lead to health problems such as diarrhoea, cramping and more.

Conditions for FREE Onsite inspection apply. Property must be within a designated Pristine Water Systems franchise region, and within a reasonable drive time. Free onsite tank water test includes pH, TDS and sediment sampling. e.Coli tests may incur a fee, requiring laboratory sampling. Please contact us to clarify your location and opportunity to provide a Free onsite inspection.


Why get your rainwater tank checked?

You can not put a price on your families health but for a price you can ensure your family is consuming safe and clean water.

​The cost of a UV system can come as a shock to some people but considering you have your own water supply and are not paying for town water you are saving money each year you would otherwise be spending on your water bill.

​Depending on the amount of water used, the average household in Queensland spends roughly $1,200 on water bills per year.

​Installing a system that can give you confidence drinking your rainwater will be cheaper in the long run and give you access to better quality water free of harmful chemicals present in town water.

Pristine Water Systems Hunter Valley

Pristine Water Systems is at the forefront of water purification systems, with a strong focus on the development of new technologies to treat and manage water quality.

Pristine Water Systems difference stems from our passion for providing quality drinking water through continual development of products and new technology.

Pristine Water Systems are the experts in water purification. We clean and sterilise water tanks, supply and service water filtration systems, and provide water testing and analysis.

Do you think your water tanks are in desperate need of cleaning?

Do you have any of these water problems?

  • Dirty or Discoloured Water
  • Bad Smelling Water
  • Bad Tasting Water
  • Stomach Complaints
  • Water Staining on Ceramics, Porcelain Walls or Fences

The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) recommend that your rainwater tanks should be cleaned every 2 to 3 years. But some areas require more regular cleaning due to:

  • Lots of tree coverage with falling organic material
  • Dry areas where animals, birds and insects are hunting for a water source
  • Sourcing water from Creeks, Dams, Bore or Spear
  • Spray drift from agricultural chemicals
  • Roadworks or dusty, dirt blown regions
  • From deteriorating water storage systems.

Regular maintenance will help prevent some of these problems, but you can’t stop bacteria and viruses being washed into your rainwater tanks. Bird, insect and animal faeces are washed into your rainwater tanks every time it rains.

Pristine Water Systems has been in operation since 2003, becoming Australia’s premier water tank cleaning business. As an industry leader we are also able to assist with expert advice when choosing and servicing the right filtration/ultraviolet sterilisation system for your family.

We come to you! Pristine Water System operators are a mobile business. We can quote over the phone or via email.

Call today or send a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Pristine Water Systems Hunter Valley


Pristine Water Systems Hunter Valley are the specialists in water management systems. Our expert water technicians are backed by a national group of water tank cleaning and water filtration specialists. If you have problems with your water supply and storage, we have the solution!

Pristine Water Systems Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia

Phone: 0484 301 900

Hours: 9am – 5pm

What Our Customers are Saying

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does tank cleaning usually cost?

There is no set price per tank as there are numerous variables that we have to consider. For the best quoted price, please get in touch or request a FREE/No obligation tank water test on premises.

Influencing factors on quoting include:

  • Type of tank: Concrete, Poly, Galvanised, Liners
  • Size of Tank/Number of tanks
  • Depth of sediment
  • Amount of water
  • Tank accessibility and scrubbing

A Pristine Water Systems Tank Clean is not just a “jet wash” and hose down. We vacuum clean the sediment out of the tank, aerate and filter the water, sanitise/disinfect the water and lines, and test your water for quality before use.

When is the best time to have our tanks cleaned?

Tanks may need to be cleaned any time of the year, when you have dead animals, debris build-up, or an issue with illness (possibly due to bacteria). However, cleaning your tank before Spring/Summer will help avoid potential issues where bacteria will breed during those hot months.

How often should water tanks be cleaned?

We recommend an annual clean and sanitisation of your drinking water tank/s. This will help reduce the amount of water wastage and keep the costs down in maintaining your tank. The more sediment build-up, the longer it takes to remove and the more water required.

Should I empty my tank before it gets cleaned?

No. Please don’t!

The more water the better, with the exception if the water is contaminated (where we will be required to drain the tank, clean and sterilise before refilling).

We need water in the tank to be able to vacuum the sludge from the floor. It doesn’t need to be completely full, but a minimum of one third or 1 meter of water is necessary.

What is water sanitiser? Is it a chemical?

A Water Sanitiser is a product used to neutralise bacteria and water borne viruses. There are various products available on the market, the most common which are Chlorine based. For rainwater tanks, we do not recommend using a Chlorine based water sanitiser in your tanks.

The Pristine Water Systems water sanitiser, AqueousPro™ 50, is a professional grade Water Sanitiser used to purify drinking water from contamination that can occur in water tanks and similar applications.

It is not Chlorine based!


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